Parent Reviews

I love Magnet Montessori and so does my son! We started going to Magnet Montessori when we moved to Montgomery County and I am so happy I found it. Ms. Hana is really nice and has created a very dynamic learning environment.

Right now, my three year old son has already started learning how to read, count and add. As a teacher in the public school system, I'm really pleased to see that Ms. Hana does not only teach the basic skills, but also emphasizes for them to pay attention to patterns and how to problem solve. I have seen my son grow in his understanding of what he is learning and also connecting it to everything we see and do in our daily activities.

Ms. Hana is a very dedicated teacher. She teaches all of her students interpersonal skills, safety skills, and they even go out into the community for field trips. I love that she maintains an organized schedule so all of her students get outside and free play time along with academics, crafts, and other hands-on activities.

Other Perks: She provides healthy snacks each day, my son learned how to use a swing independently and how to ride a tricycle because she has the equipment for them to use during outdoor time, smaller class size with a classroom feel, and he gets to have the same teacher each year.

I'm excited that my son will be ready for public school and prepared for the curriculum there when he starts in a couple years.
Jessica S.

Our 3 year old son has been going to Magnet Montessori for about 6 months now. The school is well equipped and has lots of tools for learning and play. Ms Hanna has been amazing with our son and he looks forward to going to school everyday to learn and participate in the myriad activities that she has planned for the day. She is respectful, well organized and caring towards all the children and parents. She provides daily progress reports and keeps us informed about all the major activities and milestones of the day. We love this school and the secure environment that it provides for our kid..
Vijay L.

This is a very good daycare providing a friendly atmosphere for our children where they can learn and grow. All the teachers are reliable, respectful, caring, and fun-loving. The teachers are around all the time to keep an eye on my child's safety and ensure that they are happy and entertained while I am away. It is one of the best daycare centers in the area that put early childhood education and children's safety as the primary focus, and doing their job so well. They creat an environment where learning and other fun activities are easy and fun for young children. I really appreciate the services this daycare providing for my kids.
Jun Z.

Our three year old son joined the Magnet Montessori 6 months ago, and we are so happy to be there. I had toured our a couple other pre-schools in the past, and Magnet Montrssori was the first one to greet my child by name and took an interest in him. My son LOVES his school and he cannot wait for the next school day.

The teachers and staff are fabulous - I cannot say enough about how they care and take a genuine interest in my son. Especially, Ms. Hana, one of main teachers, is very dedicated teacher who hold degrees in early childhood. Plus, she had been working as a teacher at other Montessori school for over a decade before she opens her own. Ms. Hana is very in-tune with each child and knows exactly what child's specific needs. My son had little trouble with transition during his first week of school because of his passive personality. Ms. Hana is not only aware but also she is very conscientious of that.

Furthermore, Magent Montessori is a pre-school, not just a day care. My son had learned so much such as letters, numbers, counting, social skills, etc. They also developed in him a love for learning. My favorite part of the Magnet Montessori is the pictures I receive throughout the day. At the end of the day, I receive a full report of what my son learned, ate, and a memorable moment - that in itself is worth the tuition. I love that I can get a glimpse of what my son does each day and have a conversation about what he has learned.

Overall, Magnet Montessori is the first school I have felt completely comfortable with in every aspect. When I walk through the door and see him playing and smile, I can tell he is loved and well cared for each day. For these reasons, I highly recommend the Magent Montessori.
Jae P.

Our 3 year old twins started with Ms. Hana's summer program and immediately took a liking to the school. We were apprehensive about our lil ones, but they took an immediate liking to Ms. Hana. We are now a part of the the fall program and looking forward to the kids continued development. The school is safe, clean, and well organized.
Satbir S.

I have had a very positive experience with this daycare. My child loves her teacher, Ms. Hana, and she is very well cared for. She is doing better and better academically and loves going to school. There are lots of hands on projects, math, science, writing, and art... The classrooms are well equipped and clean. My daughter was with Ms. Hana in a different school for about one year before and loves her. Ms. Hana is very professional, respectful, and loving person. She follows the rules, regulations, the Montessori Method, and care very much about the kids. We love this school and Ms. Hana! - Eliana's parent.
Camille N.

My child is almost three and half, and he was very lucky that he started attending Magnet Montessori when he was two. He has become extremely mature since he started here. He learned some everyday skills (like tying his shoes) even before I taught them to him at home. He has also become more polite and independent, and he is more open and outgoing. I really appreciate that Ms. Hana has been doing such an excellent job taking care of my child. From all the teachers I have met, Ms. Hana is the best in her field. She is very kind and knows how to open a child's imagination and unlock their potential, leading them to be creative, and encouraging them to do things on their own. This is what I like most about her school. Besides, the school environment is very clean and inviting, the learning here is very comprehensive, and kids are very happy here. These are all the reasons why I love sending my child to school here! Also, my older child has come here a few times and she really likes it here. She said Ms. Hana's school is fun and interesting... my whole family loves Magnet Montessory - the teacher and the school. Thank you!

我的孩子现在已经快3岁半了,从2岁半开始,儿子就很幸运来到 Magnet Montessori 。因为自从孩子上学以来,感觉他越来越懂事,很多日常生活的事情我还没教他他已经懂得完成,他还学会了有礼貌,喜欢独立完成事情,也变得开朗多了。很感谢Hanna老师一直以来对孩子的关心照顾与尽心尽力,她是我见过这么多教师以来一位特别好的老师,她的教学敢于开创孩子思维,特别喜欢让大孩大胆创新,让孩子自己动手做事情。这也是我最喜欢这个学校的原因之一,而且环境优美,给孩子学习与玩的东西多元化,感觉孩子来到这个地方很幸福很快乐,所以我很为把孩子交给这里。 我的女儿来过一两次也特别喜欢,说比她小时候上的幼儿园更有乐趣,我们一家人都很喜欢教师与学校,感谢。
Lee L.

Our son moved to this preschool from this Monday and he immediately likes it. At his previous day care, almost every morning he cried when we sent him in. But here, from day 3, he walked into the classroom by himself with his head high and chest out! Now, every day, he says "I wanna learn with Ms. Hana". Going to school is no longer a pain, but of passion and fun. This preschool uses Montessori curriculum which emphasizes on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child's natural psychological, physical, and social development. I love the idea of mixed age group. My son is now 2 1/2 -old. As the youngest one in the classroom, he has the chance to learn from other older kids which helped him a lot to be advanced. Being here only for the first week, my son is more confident in managing himself and help others both at school and home. Ms. Hana is a wonderful teacher. She is not only hard working, caring, patient, but also, and most importantly, she is dedicated to motivate and educate children. She takes each child as diamond and tries her best to polish them while keeping their original nature. I wish all the teachers could have the foresight and the love. We are so lucky to have Ms. Hana and we are sure that each child in her classroom will be shiny in the future!
Xm G.

My daughter has been attending Magnet Montessori for past 6 months. (3 years - 3 and Half) Me and my husband feel its been one of the best decisions we have made so far to enroll her. My daughter has grown so much during her time here into very sweet, talkative, helpful. Ms. Hana plans thoughtful activities for the kids all the time and is a very responsive director. She takes the time to get to know every child very well. I love that this school is smaller which affords the kids more personalized care as well as bring a "family like" feeling between parents, teachers, and children. My most favorite part is, I really enjoy receiving a art works, worksheets, home report and occasional pictures of my child. We have been very happy at MMPS. It is a gem of a school within affluent North Potomac/Rockville with still very reasonable rates relative to other preschool.
Yeji Kim

Magnet Montessori preschool is the prefect environment for our daughter. She loves all of attention from her teachers and loves learning about new things everyday. Ms. Hana is very patient and caring. She has a unique way of encouraging the love of learning. The kids are introduced to many concepts and techniques that help them to learn. We noticed a very dramatic change in the way our daughter behaves. She is happy and more confident. We noticed a lot of things she learns in school is carried over at home and outside of school. She loves all of her teachers and has so much fun with her preschool friends. The class rooms are kept very clean and there is an abundance of learning tools for the kids to enjoy. We are very happy and fortunate to have found Magnet Montessori, I wished we had found Magnet earlier.
Mary & Michael Seonarain, Savannah's Parents

Magnet Montessori provides a clean, safe, and nurturing environment for their students. We appreciate the personal care and attention that is given to each student thanks to the intimate class setting. We truly feel our daughter has developed so much from her time at Magnet Montessori, both academically and socially thanks to her teacher Ms. Hana. Our daughter adores her teachers and looks forward to seeing them everyday. We especially like that Magnet Montessori teaches practical life skills that will translate to good habits at home.  Our daughter also loves the daily outdoor play and fun activities such as yoga, learning songs, arts & crafts, and field trips to the local library and fire house. Thank you Magnet Montessori for a wonderful experience! 
James and Helen U., Jordan's parents