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Magnett Montessori

  I love Magnet Montessori and so does my son ! We started going to Magnet Montessori when we moved to Montgomery County and I am so happy I found it. Ms. Hana is really nice and has created a very dynamic learning environment. Right now, my three year old son has already started learning how to read, count and add. As a teacher in the public school system, I'm really pleased to see that Ms. Hana does not only teach the basic skills, but also emphasizes for them to pay attention to patterns and how to problem solve. I have seen my son grow in his understanding of what he is learning and also connecting it to everything we see and do in our daily activities.

 Ms. Hana is a very dedicated teacher. She teaches all of her students interpersonal skills, safety skills, and they even go out into the community for field trips. I love that she maintains an organized schedule so all of her students get outside and free play time along with academics, crafts, and other hands-on activities.

 Other Perks: She provides healthy snacks each day, my son learned how to use a swing independently and how to ride a tricycle because she has the equipment for them to use during outdoor time, smaller class size with a classroom feel, and he gets to have the same teacher each year.

 I'm excited that my son will be ready for public school and prepared for the curriculum there when he starts in a couple years.

 Jessica S.




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